The overarching goal of the African School on Decentralisation is to provide a two-week international post-graduate course on decentralisation in Africa to government officials, post graduate students, members of local and international non-governmental organisations, practitioners as well as other participants with an interest in decentralisation in Africa.

In providing this course, the African School on Decentralisation’s principal objectives are to:

  • create a platform for knowledge-sharing on the vast issues affecting and/or arising out of decentralisation in Africa, thus contributing towards increased knowledge, research outputs as well as innovation.
  • create and maintain an active practitioner and scholarly network (Alumni) across the African continent for purposes of knowledge-sharing and the execution of joint projects.
  • create a pool of literature for reference by African states considering the adoption of decentralisation as part of the African Union’s push for adoption of the African Union Charter on Decentralisation.
  • open African systems of decentralisation to consistent scrutiny by researchers thus providing room for policy innovation and the promotion of good governance.
  • give content to and contribute towards the operationalisation of the African Union Charter on Decentralisation.
  • contribute towards processes of peace-making, state-building and development in Africa.
  • locate the African decentralisation experience within the global discourse of decentralisation.

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