About the African School on Decentralisation

The African School on Decentralisation, presented by African and international scholars and practitioners, examines the basic concepts and practice of decentralisation in African countries from comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives.

It aims to give content to, and promote the African Union’s Charter on the Values and Principles of Decentralisation, Local Governance and Local Development which, having been adopted in 2014, is yet to come into operation. It also seeks to create a platform for knowledge-sharing on the vast array of issues affecting and/or arising out of decentralisation in Africa thus contributing towards increased knowledge and research outputs, policy innovation and the promotion of good governance.

The School will offer courses based on revolving themes drawn from contemporary issues concerning decentralisation in Africa. It will include lectures, interactive panel discussions, case studies and study visits to institutions of decentralisation. At the end of the course, a general assessment will be administered and a postgraduate certificate issued to the participants jointly by the two hosting Universities.

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